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Client Success Story 

Are you looking for an Interim Talent Acquisition service that knows the way of The Force and can guide you to success like Yoda?
Please read our case study regarding our successful quest supporting Coeo, a leading Microsoft UK Analytics and Data consultancy that we have hired over 55 resources helping them become a £10m + turnover business.


Focused Futures Consultancy LTD offers IT Recruitment and Life and Performance Coaching solutions. Recently, we were selected to support Coeo , a leading  Microsoft Data & Analytics consulting business for the second time in three years.

Initially, everything was going well with a previous recruitment team, but given the demand of this new project a fresh approach was needed to to help Coeo on this demanding new project to find Azure Data Engineers in Hyderabad on time. These engineers needed to be Principal, Lead, and Senior Data Engineers with exceptional English speaking and communication skills.

Coeo needed a proven Interim Talent Acquisition Partner to hire UK standard consulting resources in Hyderabad that could seamlessly fit into their company's processes, understood their standards, and deliver results quickly. The challenge for Coeo was the risk of reputational damage and loss of revenue daily by not getting these hires on board quickly for this project, which was part a tier one high value client project.

The business needed this project to go well to sell this service to other clients, which would help their expansion plans and the business to achieve its financial goals.

The busy HR team and HR Director were at risk of needing to divert considerable time away from their core roles and spend this on recruitment. Given the demanding nature of recruiting in India, they would need to technically screen the high volume of candidates to find the top 10% that would be necessary for this project, along with the challenge of working to a different time zone.

Focused Futures put together a flexible Talent Acquisition plan, using a process called H-I-R-E-S developed over 20 years with their experience working for leading consulting businesses. This process addresses the full recruitment process from initiation to post placement. H-I-R-E-S covers (Headhunting and Search, Interrogation (behavioral interviewing for clients), Roundtable (advising on internal interview process), Extend (offer management), and Support (after placement coaching and The First 100 Days module).

There were challenges along the way as Coeo were seen as a start-up business in this region competing against established global players. Coeo also needed Focused Futures to devise and execute a local recruitment marketing strategy to raise awareness and increase the confidence of these niche candidates to influence these to join the business in this region.

The engagement was a resounding success, and a handful of hires have joined this team. The client feedback has been great for Coeo and enabled them to maintain their reputation and place as a tier-one supplier for this strategic customer. Coeo is in the pole position to tender for further work streams.

An additional bonus is they have been able to successfully win other projects due to this successful case study that we helped them to create.

Focused Futures has also helped the HR team recruit a permanent India Talent Acquisition Partner and provided training and mentorship to help the new hire and the HR team going forward. Coeo had all the tools to succeed; they just needed a trusted interim/guide to steer the team during the period above.

If you’re an HR Director, CTO, or CEO of an SME business or Consultancy and ready to recruit and have a similar challenge quite possibly from the (Darkside) that has the potential to impact your business like the above, please reach out to us on the details below. Alternatively, if you just want more information or clarity, we are happy to offer a non-obligation 30-minute appointment to discuss your needs further.


Feel free to reach out to us on the below.

Many thanks,

Eldon Davis

Director (CIPD Assoc and Advanced Life Coach)


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